Are you unhappy with your accountant?

Time to change? Nvtax offers integrated accounting and tax services to businesses and professionals.


Our goal is strong and long-lasting relationships that value our business customers regardless of their size, helping them to grow their businesses, and our commitment is to provide a high level of service with integrity. , consistency and professionalism.

At the same time we provide high quality services to the simple taxpayer who needs our help with utmost respect and confidentiality.

Company Profile

In December 1998 our office was founded by Nikolaos Ioannou. Mr. Ioannou holds a License – First Class Accountant – Tax License and an active member of POFE (Panhellenic Federation of Tax Professionals).

He has many years of experience in the field, overseeing large companies in the prefectures of Thessaloniki, Pieria and Halkidiki as well as mentoring dozens of small businesses.

Today with our excellent organization, specialized and trained staff and the experience of our partners we have emphasized the use of computer and modern technology for immediate information on changes in Taxation, Labor and Insurance keep up-to-date on the progress of your business as our know-how allows.

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